Dynamic Island iOS 16 v1.4 APK APK

Dynamic Island iOS 16 v1.4 APK

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v1.4 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 30, 2022
7 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Download Dynamic Island iOS 16 v1.4 APK

Improve the functionality of your Android phone by downloading Dynamic Island iOS 16 v1.4 APK from the Google Play Store. An island appears on top of your home screen, providing a sleek and versatile interface

As a result of continuous improvements, Apple has been able to cater to the needs of its users. In the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, dynamic islands are one of the most revolutionary additions.

Users can access widgets and apps immediately by having a floating island on their home screen instead of navigating between multiple screens. Using the dynamic island, you will have access to a number of useful functions for controlling your music, shuffling your music, tracking a ride taken by Uber, and checking weather updates without interrupting your current screen.

Also, you will save yourself the hassle of navigating from one application to another to accomplish a simple task by using the app connector. This exciting feature is now available to Android users as well thanks to the Dynamic Island iOS 16 v1.4 APK. With it, you will be able to access important information more easily and navigate your phone with ease.

About Dynamic Island iOS 16 v1.4 APK

Android users can add Dynamic Island to their Android devices via an app called Dynamic Island. It displays notifications and animations dynamically using the iPhone's notch, which was introduced in iOS 16 in September 2022. You may receive notifications when your device is charging, receive messages, or be alerted when you pair a Bluetooth device.

Dynamic Island allows you to customize its size to fit the notch on your device or the hole for the front camera. It depends on where the camera is located how wide, how long, and how positioned you to want the camera to be.

Consequently, the notch will remain hidden, and notifications will appear on the rest of the screen from the notch. The animation can be tested using the app to make sure that everything works properly.

In order for Dynamic Island to work properly, Accessibility permissions must be granted- including authorization to display over other apps. The app can read everything on your screen if you activate this permission.

Dynamic Island APK is an Android app that lets you enjoy Apple's Dynamic Island feature.


The Huu Toan productivity app offers a range of features. Essentially, it recreates the dynamic island feature in the latest iPhones and makes it available on Android devices. You will be able to interact with your phone more accurately and smoothly when you use the island's features.

Dynamic islands are similar to those found on iPhones and allow users to quickly access widgets and apps. Additionally, you can customize the icons, fonts, and themes to match your style.

There is a circular border surrounding the front camera so you can access it without opening the app. As well as displaying notifications, music controls, and a search bar, the island also features a search bar.

The experience is similar to that of an iPhone. In addition to its free nature, it has a lot of other advantages as well. From installation to use, there is no cost associated with this app. Besides being easy to install and use, Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 Mod APK is also just 12.2 MB in size, which means you won't notice that it took up so much space. But you will definitely notice and enjoy its benefits!


You can multitask more easily on your smartphone with Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 APK. There is a great deal of convenience to be found in the iPhone 14's dynamic island. There is a way for you to get that convenience too, thanks to this app. With Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 APK, you can enjoy the following features:

  • View Dynamically: 

A little island-shaped notification bar and front camera area were designed with this feature in mind. You will find the display around your front camera. It is easy for you to access important information without cluttering your screen.

  • Setting Changes: 

Its interactions with other apps on your phone can be modified using Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 APK. A floating point icon indicates the status of notifications, for example. Since it is compatible with most phone apps, messages, timers, and other important apps, it is easy to use.

  • Support For Music Apps: 

In addition to the music applications, Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 APK also supports games. The function of pausing, playing, or switching to the next song is easy to choose and execute with just a few clicks on your keyboard

  • Notifications That Are Expanded: 

By clicking on your notifications, Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 APK will expand them and take you to the full Dynamic Island experience, providing you with a convenient way of seeing your notifications.

  • Access Quickly: 

By using this app, you will be able to effortlessly access your phone's details. The app allows you to click on the notch on the screen, and you will be able to access the affected app and know what went wrong.

A notch is a place where you can perform actions in order to control an app. An excellent example of this is the music app, which provides a wide range of music options. Your music choice as well as the duration of the playback can be controlled without having to open the app.


It is necessary to grant certain permissions in order to use Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 APK. A couple of these include Bluetooth Connect, which allows Dynamic Island to display information about Bluetooth devices that are connected to it.

Additionally, you can grant the app access to your device's notifications through the read Notification permission feature, so that you can display them in an efficient manner to your users.

Almost everything about your phone will look better thanks to Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 APK. You will be able to receive quicker notifications, your screen will be dynamic, and you will be able to manage your app preferences accordingly.


This highly versatile iOS 16 APK allows the Dynamic Island iOS 16 APK to provide a very flexible cutout. As soon as your notifications are detected, the cutout is automatically adjusted to fit your notifications. A bigger cutout will be displayed when you have a lot of notifications.

With such versatility, the island is guaranteed to display all the information you need without obstructing your view of the screen, while at the same time it will look great on your device. The fact that a small cutout will be overlooked will not cause you to miss anything important in your life.


There is a range of customization options available with the Dynamic Island iOS 16 APK download, in addition to the useful features. The following are some of the changes that you can make:

  • Size Can Be Edited. 

Depending on the size of the island you prefer, you can adjust it to fit your requirements.

  • Feature Of Auto-Hiding. 

A simple swipe or click of a finger is all it takes to reappear the island once it has been hidden when it is not in use.

  • Choose How Many Notifications To Display. 

It is possible to customize the number of notifications that are displayed at the same time on the island. Overcrowding will no longer cause you to miss an important notification because the screen is too crowded.


A mod APK is a version of an application that has been modified from the original version of the application. The modification of an app means that additional features and enhancements have been added in order to enable the application to serve the user better than just what it was capable of before.

In this instance, the Dynamic Island Pro iOS 16 Mod APK serves as an example of one of the modified versions of the Dynamic Island Pro - Notch application. I believe that this app has been successful in its goal of giving users a comfortable and enjoyable experience