Pixomatic v5.15.1 APK APK

Pixomatic v5.15.1 APK

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Conceptiv Apps
v5.15.1 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 30, 2022
137.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

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For an unparalleled experience when it comes to photo editing, download the most updated version of Pixomatic v5.15.1 APK Premium unlocked. With the right tools, you can create breathtaking masterpieces from ordinary photos.

In addition to being a professional photo editing application, Pixomatic APK is also a photo-sharing application. By using this application, users can easily go from cutting out objects to applying layers, merging images, adding text, and more.

Featuring a multi-functional interface and advanced editing tools, this lightweight app is ideal for hobbyists as well as professionals. For enhanced images, you can apply high-quality filters, effects, and adjustments.

The bottom of the screen is strategically positioned with all the tools, allowing easy access and easy navigation. You can easily make quick edits with Pixomatic APK, or you can edit in detail with Pixomatic APK.

About Pixomatic v5.15.1 APK

Users of Android devices will now have access to the ultimate photo editing tool Pixomatic, which performs many standard and advanced tasks without PC software. For on-the-go editing, you simply need to load up your local storage of images or take new ones.

If you want to remove certain objects and subjects from certain images, feel free to use the app. To prevent yourself from enabling beautiful and unique backgrounds for specific objects, remove the backgrounds from your images. Give your face a beautiful glow by enabling powerful retouching options.

Using the brilliant hair tool, even the most challenging portraits can be cut out properly. You can edit photos with beautiful filters in a matter of seconds by registering and syncing your data. Continuing to work on Pixomatic projects is easier with the online photo editing platform. There are many more examples.


Despite the beauty of the picture, the pose is too good, the background is too ordinary, even unattractive. Photo editing apps are known for causing this problem for many users. Only the filter can be edited and the background can be changed.

Character details are often affected by adjusting the filter. Change the professional background to make the subject look beautiful by cutting it very naturally. Otherwise, it would be counterproductive. It will be quick, neat, and delicate if you use Pixomatic for this purpose.

Pixomatic is also unmistakably characterized by this characteristic. Several features of the application allow users to crop details, remove the background, and replace it with a new one. In your head, you can imagine how the operation would work.

Now that you have just cropped an image, contoured around the subject, hit apply, and are done, you have just created a new image with a transparent background. You can use that image further, or you can use another action to continue manipulating it.

Using Pixomatic's Background Library, you can replace the background. Then you can choose from thousands of backgrounds of all different styles, and then apply them to a previously cropped image. And, in less than a minute, the finished image has been done.


In today's world, photo editing has become essential because of social media. As a result, there are a variety of photo editing apps available. Each app has its own features. Is Pixomatic APK better than its competitors, and why should you choose it?

Objects can be seamlessly removed and replaced using its precision cutting tool. Making collages or improving a photograph's composition can be achieved with this tool.

The program also offers non-destructive editing, so you can edit your photo without destroying the original. As a result, future modifications and reversals are easy.

The app also features a wide range of filters and effects, including glitches and double exposures. You can create a polished, professional look for your images without having to use multiple apps.


You can use Pixomatic's Filter feature to change the color tone or edit the overall feeling when you don't want to edit sophisticatedly.  Filters can be applied in more than 100 different ways to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your images.

There are tones, styles, and personalities available with each filter. Take a selfie through the app's camera and select the image you want to apply, then choose a Filter template, choose the high and low levels for the effects, and then press apply.

Also, this Filter tool can be used in combination with other Pixomatic tools. Cropping, changing the background, retouching, and applying filters are all ways to crop the image.


Additionally, you can customize the templates in this app to suit your needs. In the creation process, you can use these as starting points for editing.

It is possible to choose from a variety of themes, including travel, fashion, food, weddings, quotes, etc. A regular update of the templates keeps them current with the latest design trends.

Adding your own photos, texts, and edits will truly make the template your own after you pick a template. To make your piece stand out, add your own touch.


The Pixomatic company offers a large selection of filters with more than 100 options to choose from. There are different color styles in the categories, and we hope you'll find one that makes sense for your photo's background. Make any final adjustments to the photo's exposure and luminance to ensure it's perfect.

Show us your results as soon as you finish editing. If you stick with the service for a long time and join the premium membership group, you will be able to unlock features you don't have access to yet.

It expects you to share the results with your friends after each successful editing operation and presents a series of social networking platforms. I'm sure others will be inspired by your creations! Right now, you can join the editing trend!


Numerous activities can be performed using this app, including:

  • Background/Objects Should Be Removed

With this application, you can easily remove, replace, and move objects within a photo with its precision cutting tool. A transparent background can help you improve composition by removing unwanted elements.

As well as clipping shapes and cutting out pieces for use in other projects, you can make cutouts as well. For graphic designers or digital artists, adding elements to their designs can be helpful.

  • Create Images That Are Double Exposed

An image is layered twice in double exposure to create a dreamy and surreal image. By using Pixomatic APK's blending tool, this effect can be easily achieved.

  • Draw & Add Text

In addition to adding text to your images, you can also add drawings. With this tool, you can add captions and quotes to your photos or create unique designs. Make the text personalized by customizing its font, color, size, and placement.

A handwritten element can enhance a design or be added to a photo to create social media posts. Adding it to your work will give it a creative and unique touch.

  • Selfie Retouching

With this app, you can retouch your selfies to make them look even better. Enhance your appearance in photos by smoothing, removing blemishes, and applying touch-ups.

To make your selfies extra glamorous, you can add makeup filters. If you want to enhance your Instagram game or create stunning profile pictures, this feature is for you.

  • Photo Adjustments

You can also enhance your photos using this app's basic editing tools. Several things can be adjusted for a polished result, including brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.

Your images can also be repaired using the healing tool. Simple steps allow you to take professional-looking photos.

  • Upload Your Polished Photos

You can conveniently share your improved images via social media or with your friends and family once you have enhanced them with Pixomatic APK. Your edited photos can be exported and shared in high resolution using this app.