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Rent Please Landlord Sim v1.3.5.2 APK

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v1.3.5.2 for Android
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Oct 28, 2022
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Android 5.0+

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Make sure you satisfy the needs of your tenants by downloading the latest version of Rent Please Landlord Sim v1.3.5.2 APK Unlimited money. How likely is it that you will succeed as a landlord? Do you have what it takes to succeed, or will you fail miserably?

This simulation game from ShimmerGames is incredibly engaging. In addition to managing your own properties, you will have to provide your tenants with the services they need.

As a newbie landlord, you begin the game with just a few properties. Your empire grows by managing and upgrading your apartments, dealing with tenant complaints, and generating enough income to expand.

The gameplay is challenging and fun, with stunning 3D graphics. Add value to your properties by customizing their interiors, hiring staff, and creating businesses in them.

The goal of this game is for you to grow into a successful landlord by using your strategic and decision-making skills. As it is lightweight (170MB), it runs smoothly on most Android devices.


Your first rental properties are rented by a rookie landlord. It is imperative that you take care of tenant issues, coordinate apartment upgrades, and make enough money to build your business. Rent Please Landlord Sim Apk offers a variety of map locales that give every player a different gaming experience.

A major advantage of designing your flats to fit the neighborhood is that you will be able to attract specific renters. Because the content is frequently updated and the challenges are varied, players will remain engaged for hours.

Keep exploring new experiences and exploring new chambers to constantly upgrade your structures. Opening restaurants or fitness centers in your home could increase your income. Ensure their daily needs are met by employing workers. You can prepare peaceful gardens or create furniture in the game's mini-games.

Learn all these skills and earn extra prizes to become a profitable landlord. There can be stress and exhaustion associated with interacting with residents. Players are therefore able to unwind and relax in their private residences once they complete a particular game objective.

To make it your own, add comfortable furniture and decorative accents. In order for a home to be considered a dream home, it has to include amenities such as a private pool, gardens, and other features.

Take care not to overpay in order to protect your hard-earned profits. Be careful with your finances and invest your money in successful businesses to increase your revenue and profits. Being a successful real estate tycoon should be your ultimate goal.

You should maintain a decent reputation as a homeowner no matter what route you take. There are few demonstrated strategies that can succeed in today's cutthroat real estate market.


Considering the fact that the game is a multi-tenanted game, you will have the option to choose from a wide variety of tenants. Every tenant has his or her own story, their own background, and their own needs, making each one unique.

Having said that, if there does occur a conflict between what they want and what you want, it is important that you seriously consider what they want in the event of a conflict.

Depending on the kind of person you are, you may be a chef, an athlete, or a lover of parties, but you may also be a calm, reserved individual. Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that every tenant in their building is happy and in good working condition, as well as communicating well with the other residents in the building.

As a landlord, it will be a very interesting and challenging experience on the one hand and a fun and engaging one on the other. As a last resort, you may be forced to evict them if they refuse to follow the rules and refuse to accept tips on how to improve their quality of life if they refuse to accept the tips. As a result of your engagement with your tenants, there is a possibility that they will engage in a fruitful dialogue with you.

Discover New Rooms & Activities

There is a wide range of things that you can do in your building to continuously improve it to make it better. The property might even be able to be turned into an actual business for you, such as a restaurant or gym.

In this case, you could earn more money from your property. Assigning tasks to employees and managing them is an important part of running an organization.

You will be able to prepare tranquil gardens as part of the game as well as make DIY furniture as part of the game. As a landlord, you must master these tasks in order to gain additional rewards that will help you develop and achieve your business goals.

Also, sea houses with majestic views of the sea, as well as luxurious penthouses with top-of-the-range facilities can be unlocked, as well as exquisite sea houses. You will be hooked for hours on end as there are so many possibilities within this game.


In the past, we have indicated that it can be extremely stressful and exhausting to deal with tenants. It is for this reason that at a certain point in the game, you will be able to unlock your own private house, where you can relax and unwind after a long and stressful day at work.

Make it your oasis by decorating it with comfortable furniture and bringing in comfortable decorations for a true retreat. For a dream house to become what it truly can be, it has to be equipped with separate gardens, pools, and other facilities.


There is a great deal of variety in the elements of this game, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Each person who inhabits a house or occupies a rented apartment has a unique life history, life narrative, and needs.

The player will have to carefully consider each of their wishes, and he will have to resolve any conflicts that may arise between them. A cooker may be among them, as well as an athlete, and even a party raver, while other game characters may be silent and withdrawn for one reason or another.

Players are expected to be responsible for preserving all of the content that belongs to tenants and fostering positive relationships with them on a daily basis as the owner of the home.

When you play this game, you will be able to both enjoy the time you spend with your tenants and face challenging challenges as you progress. It is allowed players to give advice to the characters on how they can improve their lives or even issue eviction notices in the case of tenants who don't follow the rules laid down. The interaction between you and each of your tenants is likely to be productive in general.


Apart from managing apartments, you will also need to deal with late rent payments and repairs for tenants. To keep your tenants happy and make money, you will have to make critical decisions.

Whether you are in a small building or a high-rise apartment, you can experience a variety of scenarios. You can increase the rent on your properties by adding new facilities and amenities.

Do not overspend, though, or your profits will suffer. Earn more income by managing your finances wisely and investing in profitable businesses. As a real estate mogul, you should aim for great success.


Every time players play Rent Please Landlord Sim APK, they'll have a unique experience due to its diverse map locations. It does not matter where you choose to build your empire - on the beach or in a crowded city - the chances are endless.

Additionally, there are options for customizing the interior of your apartments based on the type of tenants you are seeking and the location of the apartments. The content and challenges of this game are constantly updated, keeping you entertained for hours on end.

Your reputation as a landlord will be enhanced if you keep your tenants happy. This method alone is necessary for real estate success.


A fun and realistic simulation game, Rent Please Landlord Sim gives you an insight into the life of a landlord and lets you experience what it's like to be one. Managing properties, dealing with tenants, and making critical decisions as you strive for success as a real estate agent are all things you will need to do to succeed.

For an enhanced experience, you can also download the APK version of the game. This version comes with numerous features, including unlimited coins and no ads. The immersive nature of the gameplay can be assured as a result of this.