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v1.17.1 for Android
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Oct 26, 2022
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Android 6.0+

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It's never too late to become a wealthy tycoon. Download Rich Inc v1.17.1 APK now. Simulate your journey to becoming a billionaire through a simulation game

Rich Inc v1.17.1 APK is a simulation game that allows you to become the world's wealthiest mogul by acquiring and expanding new businesses. It offers players a unique gameplay experience where they can merge and expand their businesses in order to increase profit.

This game can help players realize their life goals - it is very easy and enjoyable. The sole character in the story will have the opportunity to build wealth and gain it from nothing, including career choices and relationship choices as well.

A small loan and an empty office will be your starting point in Rich Inc. By investing smartly and merging strategically, you will transform this humble beginning into a booming empire.

Additional rewards can also be earned by completing challenges and missions in the game. Budgets and resources must be managed while you tackle these challenges.

About Rich Inc v1.17.1 APK

You can gain affection, property, investments, and a lot more as you build your life goals. As well as career choices and relationship choices, each player's life dream will differ as well. For each desire represented by different players, Rich Inc APK download Provides players with the opportunity to fulfill those desires.

APK Rich Inc lets you experience firsthand how hard it is to find a job and build a successful business. A billionaire will be your main goal once you have achieved that state of difficulty for your main character.

Use your knowledge as a means of doing this. It, therefore, makes sense to invest in your character's education in the game if you plan on graduating from a reputable university. It is possible for players to become successful with a good degree and grade point average.

Every decision players make in the game is at their discretion and under their control. Once players have gained some experience, knowledge, and wealth, they will decide what to do and take action toward achieving their goals and dreams.

Each player will be responsible for their actions, including whether to invest or spend for the future. With resources at your disposal, the game requires you to make good decisions that will, in the long or short run, help you achieve your goals.


It's important to be able to relate to the character in a simulation game. Players feel immersed in the game and own it.

A player's character's appearance can be customized by changing their outfit, hairstyle, and gender in Rich Inc. What's more, you can name them if you want to feel like your own CEO.

Aside from this, you can pick a job background for your characters, such as a financial analyst or a mechanical engineer. Play games that align with your real-life career or interests to get the most enjoyment from them.


In this game, the outcome is determined by your choices, so make sure you make the right ones. What type of investments are you going to make? Will you take on risk or will you play it safe? What will be the priority of your company in terms of profits or ethics?

There is no denying that business is a world of cutthroat competition in which every decision has consequences. In order to become a successful CEO, you must make the right moves, or else you will watch your empire crumble as a result of the bad decisions that you made.

There are a lot of things you have to deal with when it comes to managing your company, including dealing with competitors, unexpected events, and even sabotage. Would you be able to handle the pressure that will surely come your way, and will you be able to succeed? Don't make a move without carefully evaluating every decision you are about to make. In this game, wit and strategy are the keys, not luck, and this is not a game of chance.

In terms of securing promotions and making valuable connections with your boss, for example, you may be able to create friendships with him or her. Alternatively, if you prefer a solo approach, you can work on building your company through acquisitions and mergers if that is your preferred method. As a result of this, you may become the sole owner of a massive corporation without having to depend on any other people.


The primary objective of this game is to build wealth in various ways through various means. If you invest wisely in stocks, you will be able to generate profits or you can combine your business with another company in order to make it more successful.

Furthermore, there are other ways in which you can earn income, including renting out properties or playing casino games in order to generate revenue. Increasing your net worth and being close to becoming a billionaire will be in turn a function of the amount of money that you earn.

However, if you want to be successful, it's crucial to manage your budget and resources effectively. Don't overspend your funds and be aware of any unexpected expenditures that can affect the bottom line of your business if you don't allocate your funds wisely.

In Rich Inc APK, you have the chance to become a wealthy mogul by following the right strategy and making smart decisions. To start building your empire, you need to download the game right away. Perhaps one day your character will appear on Forbes' list of billionaires, who knows, perhaps your character will become one of them.


You have the option of either purchasing luxurious properties in Rich Inc. to live in or create your own dream home by building it from scratch. Decorate your home with expensive furniture and artwork to show off your success and show off your hard work.

However, you should not get carried away with your newfound wealth. Ensure that you invest in proper security measures to ensure your assets and yourself are protected from burglars and competing rivals who might attempt to sabotage your assets.

Live the life of a business mogul and live in luxury as you become the ultimate business mogul. In addition to whether or not you buy or build your home, you should make sure that it accurately reflects your status as the CEO of a successful corporation like Rich Inc.


As soon as your character graduates from college, this game begins immediately following the graduation. There was no job offer, but you were greeted with the reality that you were unemployed and had debts to repay.

However, you should not let this deter your efforts to climb the corporate ladder! Invest in stocks, invest in new companies, and make a profit to turn your small business into a powerhouse corporation by using your business acumen and shrewd decisions to make your company a powerhouse.

From the humble beginnings of your life to becoming the ultimate business tycoon, you will work your way up from begging to riches. Could you be one of the world's most successful CEOs and amass a fortune to qualify for the list of the richest people in the world? Find out for yourself by playing Rich Inc APK.


It would be a complete disservice to the game if it did not showcase a luxury lifestyle for a wealthy CEO at the height of his career. By progressing in the game and increasing your net worth, you can unlock fancy cars so that you can ride around in a stylish manner.

In addition to sleek sports cars, you have the option of a luxurious sedan, each with its own unique features. It is up to you to choose the paint job and accessories you would like for your rides to make them truly unique.

Driving around town is one of the best ways for you to show everyone how successful and wealthy you are. Do not forget to incorporate some high-end security features into your vehicle so as to prevent it from being stolen or tampered with in any way. You will be able to cruise around town like a boss in the end as you feel like one of the coolest people around.


In Rich Inc, you will also have the opportunity to experienc There are a variety of girlfriend choices for you to choose from, each with its own personality and interests. Spending some time with them on fancy dates and buying them gifts is a great way to build a romantic relationship with them.

However, in order to be successful in love, you must also put in a lot of effort and strategy. It is important to spend time with your girlfriend and maintain open communication with her in order to keep her happy.

You should also be on the lookout for potential rivals who may try to steal your girl from you in the future.


The exciting simulation game Rich Inc offers the players the chance to experience high-stakes business in a highly realistic environment. This thrilling game allows you to climb the ranks, build your empire, and live a life of luxury as you navigate your way through the world.

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You are invited to take part in this exciting game where you will embark on an exciting journey for a chance to earn money and enjoy your life with the money you earn. Become the richest person in history by starting your own company, and you will be able to build a successful career.

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